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Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Revit can do for you????

Improve Design Accuracy and Productivity

ArchitecturePlus International used Autodesk Revit software to present a major automotive parts supplier with exciting solutions to extend their market share. API uses Revit to

  • Present multiple visual models to the client
  • Secure early client buy-in to projects
  • Minimize coordination efforts
  • Make better design decisions early in the process
  • Solidify strong client relationships


ArchitecturePlus International (API) is a multidisciplinary firm that specializes in retail strategy and design. Three years ago, its talented team of architects, designers, and construction administrators adopted the Autodesk® Revit® building information modeler—a complete architectural design and documentation system—for its work on supermarkets, restaurants, retail outlets, and power centers. The result? Close to one hundred projects and a strong endorsement by Robert Cox, Design Technology Manager at API: “Autodesk Revit has increased our revenue by as much as 15 percent.”

Building as Brand Extension

One recent project involved a large automotive parts supplier that wanted to revitalize its image to attract more female shoppers and update its brand. Says Cox, “We implemented a design effort that would pull employees into the center of the store where they were less threatening and more accessible.”

A More Appealing Environment

API recognized that many customers are intimidated at the prospect of shopping for automotive parts. “Customers know what’s happening to their cars, but can’t always easily name the part,” explains Cox. “We wanted to provide a knowledge center where customers can do their own research without pressure.”


According to Cox, ArchitecturePlus International first started using Autodesk Revit software because it “seemed leaps and bounds ahead of the technology that anyone else was using.” And Revit hasn’t disappointed. Revit has consistently helped the firm improve productivity, increase design accuracy, and dramatically improve relationships with its clients. “Initial environmental graphics for the project were completely revised once the team was able to visualize the space,” says Cox. “Our retail customers’ space is a major part of their overall communications effort. We can now demonstrate how a brand is represented in relation to built environments, displays, merchandise, and environmental graphics.”

Make Smarter Decisions

Using Autodesk Revit, the designers easily generated four 360 degree panoramic views for client evaluation. “We were able to tie it all together and make better decisions earlier in the process, which led to a vast improvement in our design,” says Cox. Revit also enabled API to

  • Eliminate duplication of effort by creating construction documents and visualizations from the same model on the same timeline
  • Better understand building conditions and structural connections
  • Visualize finishes, graphics, fixtures, and visual merchandising
  • Pinpoint areas of concern and address them on the front end before they result in major cost overruns

Be More Productive

“I’m at least twice as fast in Revit as I was before using other design software,” declares Cox. “It’s much more productive.” He estimates that an experienced designer can use Revit to generate half a week’s worth of CAD work in less than a day. And quick work has led to satisfied clients and bottom-line results.

Accurate and Complete

Autodesk Revit software minimizes the amount of coordination effort and keeps time-consuming errors to a minimum. “Any changes you make to a plan will change its elevation and sections, and all of these views are simultaneously coordinated,” says Cox. “It definitely improves coordination.”

Build Strong Client Relationships

Ultimately, the designers at ArchitecturePlus International transformed the design of a typical automotive parts supply center into an exciting and appealing environment that not only appeals to more female shoppers, but also more customers in general. More customers mean happier clients. And Autodesk Revit plays a major role in that effort.


More Clients and Higher Profits
“We have a strong competitive advantage because we’re using Revit,” declares Cox. “It’s building our relationships—we’re always getting new work.” All this new and repeat business has allowed ArchitecturePlus International to thrive when most in the industry were experiencing a recession. “We’ve been ramping up and getting a lot busier—and a lot more profitable.”

Autodesk Honours Architects

Autodesk Honours Architects with Revit BIM Experience Award for Sustainable Design Process and Multi-Team Collaborationhas announced that Architectus, a Australian architectural firm with an international practice, has been selected to receive a Revit BIM Experience Award for its successful use of the Revit platform for sustainable design and its exemplary use of building information modelling (BIM) as a process for inter-discipline collaboration and coordination.

The Revit BIM Experience Award is presented to commercial firms, educational institutions and individuals for innovation and excellence in implementing the Autodesk Revit platform (which includes Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP software applications) for use on one or more projects. AEC Systems, a Sydney-based reseller, introduced Architectus to BIM and the Revit platform, and provided training and implementation services.

“Architectus sees BIM and the Revit platform as vital tools for every stage of a project’s lifecycle, from initial project marketing and visualisation all the way through to analysing a building’s code compliance, construction sequencing, logistics and sustainable design performance,” said Rodd Perey, design technology director for Architectus.

“As our reputation for using BIM spreads, we have more clients seeking us out for projects in rapidly emerging markets such as India, where tight international collaboration and solid documentation are critical for timely and cost-effective project delivery.”

Architectus is an international firm with more than 200 employees in offices located in Australia, New Zealand, The United Arab Emirates, and China. Their services span urban planning and commercial, residential, hospitality, transport and interior architecture. Notable projects include the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Maanshan City Centre in China, and the Waitakere Civic Centre in New Zealand.

Architectus adopted Revit Architecture software in 2003. To date, the firm has completed 34 projects through to construction documentation using the Revit platform, with 14 additional projects in development.

Using BIM to Improve Building Performance

BIM is an integrated workflow built on coordinated, reliable information about a project from design through construction and into operations.

By adopting BIM, architects, engineers, contractors and owners can easily create coordinated, digital design information and documentation; use that information to more accurately predict performance, appearance and cost; and reliably deliver the project faster, more economically and with reduced environmental impact.

Architectus is currently working on the Space at 1 Bligh project, a 29-story, 42,000-square meter structure in Sydney being designed in association with Düsseldorf-based Ingenhoven Architekten.

Slated to open August 2011, the building’s design includes an elliptical form oriented to maximise views of the Sydney Harbor, an atrium to enhance connectivity and access to natural light, and an innovative double-skin glass façade that draws cooler air in at the base and channels warmer air upwards to dramatically reduce internal air cooling energy consumption.

Architectus’ goal is to prove, via third-party simulation analysis applied to the Revit model before construction begins, that the structure can achieve a six-star Green Star rating (the top ranking in Australia’s national environmental rating system for buildings).

Architectus and Enstruct Group (a structural and civil engineering consultant firm base in Milsons Point, Australia) are using BIM to collaborate and simultaneously view changes. For sustainability analysis, Architectus is sharing building information with Cundall, the project’s outside energy efficiency consultant, to simulate and analyse the structure’s energy performance.

“Autodesk recognises that Architectus has demonstrated innovative use of the Revit platform to foster collaborative and sustainable designs,” said Michael Beer, business unit manager, AEC Solutions, Autodesk. “We’re excited to see how BIM is being used on the Space at 1 Bligh project, and hope it will serve as a model for the next generation of sustainable office buildings.”

About the Revit BIM Experience Award

The Revit BIM Experience Award celebrates building industry professionals and educators around the world who are helping to drive transformation of the building industry through building information modelling.

Autodesk honours firms with this award for innovation and excellence in implementing the Autodesk Revit platform (including Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP software applications) for building information modelling on one or more projects.

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