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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Autodesk Revit® Structure® 3: Creating a curved beam with analytical properties

To begin this design, establish an object to attach to, then open the “Modeling” tab and select “Create.”

Select “Structural Framing,” and click “OK.”
Give the family a name such as “Curved Beam.”

Click “OK,” select the solid form, then solid sweep.

Click “OK,” and select the profile “W-shaped” from the Options bar.

Now sketch a 2D path with the arc using three points.

Then finish Path, finish Sweep, and finish Family.

Select “3D” for a 3D view of your object.

Adding analytical information to the beam.

Select the beam and edit the family, select model lines, and from “Options” select “Analytical Projection.”

Select the polygon tool, add 10 sides, start from the center of the midpoint then out to the beginning of the curved beam.
Then, delete the half not in the beam, check the visibility in your analytical level, finish your family and you’re done.

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