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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sculptured Walls

This is how the result can look:

Start with making a floor:

Then choose Modelling and Create � continue with choosing category Walls:

Choose Solid and continue with choosing Extrude:

Choose Set Work Plane and then Pick a Plane � click one of the sides of the floor:

Now you can begin with Lines to draw the contour of the wall. Perhaps easiest is to begin with drawing a rectangle and then for a timber wall use Arc through three points.

This is the result. The contour can not have any openings and no crossings.

Choose Extrusion Path and fill in some suitable values. You can use negative values, too! Choose a material: Wood � Cherry perhaps a little too exclusive, but this is just an experiment.

Click Finish Sketch and the wall is ready.

Too make an opening or several choose Void and then Set Work Plane � Pick a Plane � and click a plane at right angles to the wall.

Use lines to draw a rectangle and then an Extrusion Path of suitable length. Click Finish wall.

To place a window or door in the wall you have first to make a hidden normal wall inside the sculptured log wall and then place the window or door in that wall.

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