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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Annotation Categories

Annotation object categories include all the annotations, symbols, and descriptive data added to a
view to describe the building. These are listed in the second tab of the Object Styles dialog. Most
annotations are view-specific 2D elements and appear only in the view in which they were created.
Examples include dimensions, tags, callouts, and text notes. Annotations such as sections, levels,
and grids are 2D graphics, but they have 3D characteristics and appear in other views. These elements
(levels, grids, sections) appear in many views thanks to BIM application functionality. Levels,
grids, and section marks extend throughout the model and can be edited from multiple views. You
don’t need to draw these elements in each view as separate, disconnected graphics. With Revit,
they’re truly 3D annotations. The only caveat to this statement is that they don’t appear in 3D views.

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