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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sustainable Design Support Revit MEP 2009

Revit MEP software provides integrated heating
and cooling loads analysis tools to help you perform energy analysis, evaluate system loads, and produce
heating and cooling load reports for a project. Provide optimal systems design with the same building information model, with realistic, real-time design scenarios aiding better decision-making support. Revit MEP helps to minimize design errors and better define your project’s overall sustainability strategy. Take full advantage of the data-rich Revit MEP model to support better decision making through integrated building performance analysis tools. Revit MEP also supports green building extensible markup language (gbXML), containing information for spaces and zones as well as lighting fixture element data. Export the gbXML file for use with a third-party analysis application for calculating loads. Create high-performance, sustainable buildings with extensive analysis of heating and cooling load, LEED daylighting, thermal energy, and more.

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