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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is new in Revit architecture 2011?

Autodesk has published the newest version of Revit series 2011. Revit Clinic has tested the new version of Revit Architecture 2011. This article explains what is new in the User Interface of Revit Architecture 2011. We also will start writing tutorials for Revit 2011 and specially tutorials for Revit Architecture 2011.

Revit Architecture 2011 Installation

The installation of Revit Architecture 2011 is faster and smoother than Revit 2010. It took almost 10minutes to install Revit Architecture 2011 on our testing computer with 4GB of RAM, 2.0 Quad Core Intel processor, and Nvidia graphic device with 1GB memory. Our testing computer does not match the minimum hardware requirements for Revit 2011, but our computer showed a good performance during the installation of Revit 2011.

Starting Revit Architecture 2011 takes almost 35seconds longer than Revit 2010, which could be because of the hardware of our testing computer. The first error message comes up after Revit Architecture 2011 is full loaded. The graphic device could not be recognized by Revit 2011 and that could reduce the performance of Revit Architecture 2011. This message can be turned off by checking “do not show this message again” on the lower left side of the error message.

The user interface of Revit Architecture 2011 is more polished. The ribbon looks nicer with newer and larger icons. There are fewer words and more icons in all tabs from the ribbon user interface in Revit 2011. Images below show the Home Tab in Revit Architecture 2011. It can be seen that the Autodesk Revit developers have been spending days and nights creating those beautiful icons in Adobe Photoshop, which reduce the performance of computers.

revit 2011 ribbon and icons in home tab

revit 2011 ribbon and icons in home tab

revit 2011 ribbon and icons in home tab

The second important change it the properties for the objects and components in Revit 2011. The Properties window opens automatically on top of the Project Browser which could be turned off. It reminds me on 3D Max and Autodesk Maya where the properties open automatically on the right side of the user interface. Image below shows the opened properties window in Revit Architecture 2011.

revit 2011 properties window

Using Revit Architecture 2011 seems to be fun with new and polished ribbons, icons, and user interface, but the question remains open if it is a good idea to upgrade to Revit 2011. In the next article, Revit Clinic will show the new features and functions in Revit 2011 and especially Revit Architecture 2011.

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