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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cool Features of Revit 2012

  1. Use of multiple computers for render of one image.
  2. Control of elevation line weights using multiple depth clip planes with varying line weight %.
  3. Sloping column reports slope %.
  4. Schedule option for sheet appearance by instance.
  5. Ability to find referring views of detail components, model pieces and imported DWG’s.
  6. Level association management – ability to see a list of items associated with a certain level and be able to re-associate to another level or select all items associated to a level.
  7. Propagate extents for section/callout marks.
  8. Custom shaped callouts.
  9. Continuous zig zag section view.
  10. Ability to make a void under topography.
  11. Curtain wall custom corner mullion tools and better options for joining curtain wall mullions at corners.
  12. 3D Orient to view – Make 3D Views from any other view by locating in the browser with “show 3D” option on right click, with settings for offsetting the scope box from the views crop a specified distance.

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