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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Revit 2010 Enhancements

Revit 2010 Enhancements

There are a few enhancements I want to cover in Revit 2010 which may get lost in the shuffle behind the user interface and conceptual mass tools.

Gradient Backgrounds

In 3D views, there is a new option under "View Properties", "Graphic Display Options", "Background", for "Gradient Background".  Checking this box will allow you to specify a "Sky Color", "Horizon Color" and "Ground Color".


This is useful to add some additional depth to shaded 3D views:


Halftone / Underlay Control

You now have specific control for the level of halftone for objects or linked files.  Under the "Manage" tab, "Settings" pull-down, choose "Halftone/Underlay".


The default is 50% brightness which can now be adjusted as needed.  This value will be utilized when objects or linked files utilize the "Halftone" checkbox throughout the project.

In the same menu you will find the "Underlay" variables for "Weight" and "Pattern".  "Weight" specifies the line weight for underlays where "Pattern" specifics the line pattern for underlays.  These settings will become active when an underlay is utilized in a view.

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