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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Creating Elliptical Walls In Revit in 2012 by Posted by Phil Read

Here's one way to get around making a series of walls in Revit that come Pretty Darn Close (TM) to being elliptical. But first, you need to take a moment and watch David Light's version:

What's deceptive about this (for those of you that don't know David) is that David has a foreign accent. This gives him a voice of certainty and moral authority that is unquestionable. I (on the other hand) have no such advantage. My accent is an annoying twang that starts in New Jersey and finishes in Charlotte, NC. And I talk to fast when I get excited.

That being said, I think I've figured out this solution. But rather than subject (get it..."subject" in British in USA=1, Britain=0...oh never mind) you to my voice, I've added a sound track courtesy of the FLAT TIRES:

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