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Saturday, April 19, 2008

AutoCAD vs Revit

AutoCAD vs Revit (just a few comparisons from then and now)

rotary phone VS IPHONE
dial up VS Broadband
typewriter VS Microsoft Word
general ledger paper VS quickbooks
walking VS 767 jumbo jet
screwdriver VS powerdrill
fold up map VS Google Earth
morse code VS cell phones
DOS VS Vista
newspaper VS RSS Feeds
polaroids VS digital cameras
chisel & stone VS digital prototype printers
record player VS IPOD
paper & pen VS tablet PC
Sharpie Pen & Fax VS Autodesk Design Review
telegram VS email
faxing VS Scan/email
bartering VS credit cards
calculator VS Excel
cave VS High rise
stars VS GPS
fire VS microwave
Betamax VS TIVO
radio VS Satellite Radio
4" black & white TV VS 70" Plasma
reel to reel VS DVD
floppy disk VS 8GB thumb drive
BC VS AD (Before Computers VS After DOS)
....and the list goes on.....
What other technology from 1982 are you using?
Don't get me wrong, I think AutoCAD has been a wonderful tool for the past 25 years, but I also think that it's time to use the latest technology to grow your business and focus on sustainable design, interference resolution during design phase, visualization tools, and virtual construction and design.
Just my own personal opinion, but I think over 225,000 other Revit users will agree with me.
I hope you weren't offended by any of the comparisons, because while I embrace the past and the history of architecture, I also embrace the future of this incredible technology, automation and the ability to return to the focus of design and the concept of the Master Builder.
How much time do you spend mentoring architectural interns and teaching them the art of architecture, design and construction versus spending your days responding to RFIs and change orders, fighting with the contractors and owners, manually coordinating drawings and laboriously creating door, wall, window and finish schedules? This is a very serious question and something to think about when you get to the office Monday morning and look at the stacks of paper and blueprints on your desk and the emails sitting in your inbox? I ask you to do this because we want to help you get back to the basics and help you have a happier, more focused career in architecture.

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