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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Problem-Solve Your Designs

An advantage of a BIM methodology is that you can’t cheat your design. Because the elements have
properties based on real-life constraints, you’ll find it difficult to fake elements within the design.
When you get stuck trying to resolve a roof condition, it’s most likely that you have a complex roof
to solve. You can’t just fake the elevations and call it a day. Of course, in CAD-based systems, fakery
has always been possible and has no doubt led to some messy Construction Administration work.
As you move into the BIM world, be prepared to take on some early design challenges.
Figure 1.5 shows what appears to be a simple house model, but it’s more complex than it looks.
With Revit, you model the dormers, the trusses, and the fascia and soffits. You need to determine how
the walls and roofs connect to one another—and Revit is well suited to figuring these things out.

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