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Saturday, April 19, 2008


HI GUYS , i was waiting for this moment just to check Revit 2009 and its latest here it is feel free to download the latest Revit Architecture 2009 at the end.... ENJOY

Revit Architecture 2009 New Features Announcement

Revit Architecture 2009 Features Announced

Revit® Architecture 2009 features were officially announced today at Autodesk World Press Day 2008.

This is a short list of Revit® Architecture 2009 Feature Improvements and Enhancements

Wish List Projects

Mirror Project Tools: Link Scale to Display, Create Custom Scales, Create Custom Displays

View Templates: A new dialog box features an easier-to-use tool providing users the ability to pick and choose which view properties they apply from the view template

Quality Rendering and Performance

Mental Ray® Rendering, Material Libraries, Physically Accurate Lighting, Photometric Lights, Real Sun and Sky, Optimized Rendering Solution

New Mass Geometry for Complex Forms

Swept Blend: This new type of mass geometry can be combined with the existing parametric capabilities of Revit Architecture 2009 to create new forms based on algorithmic design variations. Extending the range of what is achievable during conceptual design and family creation, swept blend functionality offers more opportunity to express complex forms.

New Revit Start Up

Revit® Architecture 2009 displays a graphical representation of recent projects and recent families that have been opened by the user. This allows quick visual access to recently used files as well as faster Revit Architecture 2009 start-up.

New Autodesk 3D UI

The Autodesk 3D UI provides an intuitive, standardized navigation experience across multiple Autodesk 3D design products. I find it similar in appearance and functionality to the current system in the DWF Viewer or Design Review software.

Data/File Exchange

FBX export increases interoperability between Revit Architecture 2009 and Autodesk 3ds Max Design software

New DWG enhancements make collaborating with those relying on DWG-based workflows easier

Dimension Improvements/Enhancements

Dimension to Intersections, Dimension to Arc Centers, Dimension Text Formatting

Text Overrides: Replace Dimension with Text, Add Text Above, Below, Prefix, or Suffix

Room Tag Improvements

Tag All Not Tagged, Move Tag When Room is Relocated, Rotate Room Tags, Align to Rotated Dependent View

Room Enhancements

Room Behavior in Sections: Graphical Display, Selecting Rooms, Adjusting Vertical Limits and Color Fills

Plotting Enhancements

New plotting improvements allow drawings that rely on Hidden Line Removals (e.g. many Floor Plans, elevations, etc) in Revit Architecture 2009 print faster.

Revision Enhancements

Sequences: Revision Order Numbers, Letters, or both, New “Issued By” Field, Display Revisions on Sheet

Layout: Build Order Top Down or Bottom Up, Rotate Schedule on Sheet, Fixed or Dynamic Sizing

Subscription Members Only Toolset

The Worksharing Monitor gives actionable, real-time information to users on the project team. For example, team members can Be aware of the current status of central files, Monitor progress of editing requests and notifications, Plan for the best time to save to central

Batch Print Utility


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